v. & n.
—v. (past struck; past part. struck or archaic stricken)
1 a tr. subject to an impact. b tr. deliver (a blow) or inflict a blow on.
2 tr. come or bring sharply into contact with (the ship struck a rock).
3 tr. propel or divert with a blow (struck the ball into the pond).
4 intr. (foll. by at) try to hit.
5 tr. penetrate or cause to penetrate (struck terror into him).
6 tr. ignite (a match) or produce (sparks etc.) by rubbing.
7 tr. make (a coin) by stamping.
8 tr. produce (a musical note) by striking.
9 a tr. (also absol.) (of a clock) indicate (the time) by the sounding of a chime etc. b intr. (of time) be indicated in this way.
10 tr. a attack suddenly (was struck with sudden terror). b (of a disease) afflict.
11 tr. cause to become suddenly (was struck dumb).
12 tr. reach or achieve (strike a balance).
13 tr. agree on (a bargain).
14 tr. assume (an attitude) suddenly and dramatically.
15 tr. a discover or come across. b find (oil etc.) by drilling. c encounter (an unusual thing etc.).
16 come to the attention of or appear to (it strikes me as silly; an idea suddenly struck me).
17 a intr. (of employees) engage in a strike; cease work as a protest. b tr. US act in this way against (an employer).
18 a tr. lower or take down (a flag or tent etc.). b intr. signify surrender by striking a flag; surrender.
19 intr. take a specified direction (struck east).
20 tr. (also absol.) secure a hook in the mouth of (a fish) by jerking the tackle.
21 tr. (of a snake) wound with its fangs.
22 intr. (of oysters) attach themselves to a bed.
23 a tr. insert (the cutting of a plant) in soil to take root. b tr. (also absol.) (of a plant or cutting etc.) put forth (roots).
24 tr. level (grain etc. or the measure) in strike-measure.
25 tr. a ascertain (a balance) by deducting credit or debit from the other. b arrive at (an average, state of balance) by equalizing all items.
26 compose (a jury) esp. by allowing both sides to reject the same number.
1 the act or an instance of striking.
2 a the organized refusal by employees to work until some grievance is remedied. b a similar refusal to participate in some other expected activity.
3 a sudden find or success (a lucky strike).
4 an attack, esp. from the air.
5 Baseball a batter's unsuccessful attempt to hit a pitched ball, or another event counting equivalently against a batter.
6 the act of knocking down all the pins with the first ball in bowling.
7 horizontal direction in a geological structure.
8 a strickle.
Phrases and idioms:
on strike taking part in an industrial etc. strike. strike at the root (or roots) of see ROOT(1). strike back
1 strike or attack in return.
2 (of a gas-burner) burn from an internal point before the gas has become mixed with air.
strike down
1 knock down.
2 bring low; afflict (struck down by a virus).
strike home
1 deal an effective blow.
2 have an intended effect (my words struck home).
strike in
1 intervene in a conversation etc.
2 (of a disease) attack the interior of the body from the surface. strike it rich colloq. find a source of abundance or success.
strike a light
1 produce a light by striking a match.
2 Brit. sl. an expression of surprise, disgust, etc. strike lucky have a lucky success. strike-measure measurement by passing a rod across the top of a heaped vessel to ensure that it is exactly full.
strike off
1 remove with a stroke.
2 delete (a name etc.) from a list.
3 produce (copies of a document).
strike oil
1 find petroleum by sinking a shaft.
2 attain prosperity or success.
strike out
1 hit out.
2 act vigorously.
3 delete (an item or name etc.).
4 set off or begin (struck out eastwards).
5 use the arms and legs in swimming.
6 forge or devise (a plan etc.).
7 Baseball a dismiss (a batter) by means of three strikes. b be dismissed in this way. strike pay an allowance paid to strikers by their trade union. strike through delete (a word etc.) with a stroke of one's pen.
strike up
1 start (an acquaintance, conversation, etc.) esp. casually.
2 (also absol.) begin playing (a tune etc.).
strike upon
1 have (an idea etc.) luckily occur to one.
2 (of light) illuminate. strike while the iron is hot act promptly at a good opportunity. struck on colloq. infatuated with.
strikable adj.
Etymology: OE strican go, stroke f. WG

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